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It’s my birthday

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Last year I was in downtown Seattle at the Fairmont. Two years ago I was hiking and Kayaking around Olympic National Park WA. The year before that, I was running a 1/2 marathon in Jackson Hole WY. This year, I’m sitting on a balcony in the middle of the desert watching the sun come up.

I remember what I did on most of my birthdays every since sitting in the car with my friend Belinda, trying to figure out the meaning of life – I just turned 17.

We talked about what we do in the future, what the world would be like, and where we would see ourselves at 65. I’ve still got a few years to go before that happens, but I’ve never dwelled on the past and always look to the future to see what type of ‘mischief’ I can get into.

Of course being ~ 40 years older, I tend to reflect more on what I’ve accomplished and try to plan new and exciting ‘happenings’ for the future. After all, life wasn’t always perfect and sometimes I needed to bust my butt to struggle through each day, hoping that the next one would be a little better. Those memories are not too clear, but they are still there, lurking as synaptic responses between dorsal root ganglia. They remind me of what I’ve been through to get to this moment in time. Hmmm… I think only someone who studied neurology will get my ganglia joke. 😉

But I do remember my birthday’s. And each year on this day, I think back to each year and try to remember what I did, what was happening in and around my life, and how I felt inside. I even throw in a few earlier memories too, like the bowling party I had when still living in Winnipeg. I also remember not liking my birthday for a few years, because it reminded me that summer was over and it was time to go back to school -I just had too much fun at the park swimming, diving, and playing Champ or Tether Ball when growing up!

Nonetheless, these are great feelings that make up how I am and I’m glad that I can always reflect on them along with the friends and family that were there when it comes to today.

Happy Birthday Blaine!

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