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From Medicine to Hardware

We never know where life will take us.

At 16 years of age, I was striving to be a medical bush pilot in the outbacks of Australia. At 23 it was biology, neuroscience, and the effects of radiation on aging and Alzheimers. At 29 I was finishing up my Ph.D. in cellular physiology. At this point it looked like I was ready for a life long career in medical research. But 10 years later I found myself in California after living in Japan, working in Pharmaceuticals, being president of a multi-million dollar machine translation company, and becoming the CTO/Cofounder of an innovative new Mobile Payments company at a time when no one knew what mobile payments were and the banks refused to accept electronic signatures.

It’s hard to imagine that I went from Medical Researcher to Mobile Specialists.
Over the last 15+ years I have seen the Mobile Payment industry flourish. Now that the field is mature, I’ve been ever slowly moving towards projects that are even more exciting and challenging.

So now I’ve gone full circle and come back to my educational roots. I’ve always enjoyed medical science, but life does take you down different paths once and a while. But now I have the opportunity to get back into what I truly love … specifically in the areas of medical health and fitness.

But I’ve been missing one crucial component to my fitness equation – a set of small wireless devices that can monitor body mechanics. After a long time searching, I’ve come to realize that there is nothing out there that can do exactly what I want. So now I’m actively working on a prototype of my own design that can provide a solution to my virtual runner project.

I know that there are many other innovators out there that are in the same situation, so I’ve decided to develop this hardware not just for myself, but for the medical community and all the budding Mobile App entrepreneurs that want to work with body motion (aka – kinesiology). After all, there are many applications that this can be applied to – and there has been ample research in creating the right algorithms for tracking and monitoring stroke rehabilitation, detecting falls in the elderly, and applying kinesiology towards the improvement of specific sporting techniques.

So over the next few months I will be focused on one specific goal… to create a set of new devices that I call MotionsMates. It’s pretty exciting, and I’ll update you towards my progress over the next few months.

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