Welcome to my history project!

Towards the end of every month I look through all the digital media I collected for the month. This can be pictures I’ve taken, photos I received from someone else, videos, or even web clippings on topics I found interesting.

This gives me a chance to step back and see what I’ve accomplished over the last thirty some odd days and is a  great way for me to check off completed goals, tweak exiting ones, and create new ones. Each month will usually start out with chronological facts of what I did for the month. But, somewhere between those events I may take a side-step into something that I found interesting. Hopefully you will find my comments from being innocent and amusing to something a little more complex that can later be reflected upon.

January 2017

Say Hello to CES

February 2017

Another Winter & Motion Mates

March 2017

Travel to China

April 2017

Easter, Utah and Life


Monopoly, Crazy News, and Friends

June 2017

3D Art, Summer Games, and Audio


Ottawa's Birthday and Droning

January 2016

Skating in Banff, CES, and Montréal

February 2016

Montréal, Life,
and Memories

March 2016

Mom's Passing, a Birthday & Easter

April 2016

Muffins and Marathons

May 2016

Game Development

June 2016

Western Ontario, Life Celebration

July 2016

A Wedding, Running, and Visits

August 2016

The Olympics and a Birthday in Seattle

September 2016

A Trip to Washington

October 2015

Autumn in Montréal


More Running
and Las Vegas

December 2016

A Hawaiian Marathon Vacation

July 2015

Let the 2015 world games begin!

August 2015

A 5k charity run for autism

September 2015

Seattle, Victoria, and few little Trolls

October 2015

Autumn in Montréal

November 2015

A trip down to Middle Earth

December 2015

It's time to enjoy the winter holidays