Welcome to my history project!

Towards the end of every month I look through all the digital media I collected for the month. This can be pictures I’ve taken, photos I received from someone else, videos, or even web clippings on topics I found interesting.

This gives me a chance to step back and see what I’ve accomplished over the last thirty some odd days and is a  great way for me to check off completed goals, tweak exiting ones, and create new ones. Each month will usually start out with chronological facts of what I did for the month. But, somewhere between those events I may take a side-step into something that I found interesting. Hopefully you will find my comments from being innocent and amusing to something a little more complex that can later be reflected upon.

January 2017

Say Hello to CES

February 2017

Another Winter & Motion Mates

March 2017

Travel to China

January 2016

Skating in Banff, CES, and Montréal

February 2016

Montréal, Life,
and Memories

March 2016

Mom's Passing, a Birthday & Easter

April 2016

Muffins and Marathons

May 2016

Game Development

June 2016

Western Ontario, Life Celebration

July 2016

A Wedding, Running, and Visits

August 2016

The Olympics and a Birthday in Seattle

September 2016

A Trip to Washington

October 2015

Autumn in Montréal


More Running
and Las Vegas

December 2016

A Hawaiian Marathon Vacation

July 2015

Let the 2015 world games begin!

August 2015

A 5k charity run for autism

September 2015

Seattle, Victoria, and few little Trolls

October 2015

Autumn in Montréal

November 2015

A trip down to Middle Earth

December 2015

It's time to enjoy the winter holidays