February 2017

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Under The Newport Beach Pier
  • The Beach
  • Medtech West
  • Prototyping
  • Sukiyaki on Valentine’s Day
  • Introducing Yorba Linda Park

Ah… the beach.

I never get tired of sneaking in a 30 minute drive on weekend mornings to head down to the beach. But February is usually hit-or-miss as it can be a month of storms. There were days when the tide was so high it was hitting the back of the fish market.Other days is so windy hat it’s like running in the middle of a sand storm. But I like the beach and still go at any chance that I can get.

Other than beach dwelling, February was the start of my new hardware endeavor. It started out with attending the Medtech West show at the Anaheim convention center. It was my first time attending this show and I was very impressed with the size of it. It was actually 3 shows in one – The Medical Device industry, Fabrication (for medical and electronics), and Packaging (order fulfillment, package design, etc.). I was pretty busy with a work, so I could only give myself one day to attend. Since I’m coming at this from scratch, one day was not enough, but I did come away making some good contacts, vetted out potential suppliers, and developed a better understanding of the entire workflow. I also walked away feeling even more excited about my Motion Mates Project and spent most of my free time during the month working on the prototypes, theorizing the mechanical design, and coding the core firmware.

The rest of the month was pretty quiet activity-wise and nothing stepped out of the ordinary. Towards the end of the month I started preparing for a trip to China and managed to get an unlimited Entry Visa for 8 years. Yeah! This was great because I can visit up to 60 days at a time with no need to present documented proof of where I’m staying or to show return airfare. This will defiantly come in handy as I’m hoping to travel back a few more times over the coming years.

We had our traditional sukiyaki on Valentine’s and towards the end of the month we introduced some friends to Yorba Linda park. I go there so often these days that I guess I should just give it an acronym – say… YBLP? LOL!

Next stop March and off to China.