Project Outline

Code Name: PV Limo

To develop and market a mobile payment solution for Limousine services.

Skills Required:
Xcode/ObjC (iOS), Java (Android), Adobe Photoshop, Visual Basic, C#, and SQL for Server-Side Development, Bluetooth Hardware Communications, Client Interaction, and Marketing


The idea was to take an existing product and adopt it to the needs of the limo industry.

This involved (1) interacting  with limo drivers, (2) prototyping an app, and (3) adding key features that limo drivers desired.

Top requests were a way to monitor payment performance for each limo in a fleet using a Driver ID and to have user-editable customized charges. Charges were to be itemized on a printed receipt and sent to the cloud for analysis and reporting.

Once the case study was completed, I created postcards and flyers that were marketed towards the limo industry.