July 2016

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My Good Friend Ali Looking Presidential At The Wedding
  • A Vietnamese Wedding
  • Sunrise in Newport Beach
  • iOS Development
  • Frank and Jen Visit

With the exception of attending a vietnamese wedding and golfing with the groom and Scott at the beginning of the month, July was a quiet month as far as actives go. I stayed focused on work, took a few courses, and moved to my next stage in Marathon training. The great thing about living in Southern California is that the mornings are almost always perfect for a morning run down on the beach. With the market

Nonetheless, things ended up getting so busy that I had to postpone my iOS development course until September. I always want to do the best of my potential in anything, but I just couldn’t find the time to hand in the assignments to my level of expectation. Initially, I did do a few submission quality app to learn Japanese on the iPhone and Apple Watch. I also made a simple program for Apple TV. But that project is on the back burner along with my Capstone Imaging App. Later when I have time, I’ll finish up the iPhone and Watch apps and put them on Apple’s App Store.

We even got to redo our backyard and put in some artificial grass, since the city has strict policies on watering due to the ongoing drought. The month finished of with Frank and Jen coming to visit Santa Barbara and SOCAL for about a week. It was nice to take them around town.