March 2016

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Mom's Wedding Day - Oct 19th
  • My Mother
  • Easter and Stewart Hall
  • My Father’s Birthday

There is no easy way to say this, but…

My mother passed away March 8th. Ten days in palliative care and one month before her 82nd birthday.

I’m writing this entry a few months later as it has taken awhile for things to settle in. I remember some days at the care institute so vividly, while others are just a haze. I remember seeing a number of my parents friends come to offer support and having family come in from Ottawa. I remember going through lots of pictures taking with my mother over the years (my father LOVES photography). My father never left my mother’s side. He was totally dedicated to her, right to the end. A perfect father figure. The people at the palliative care institute where so sincere and accommodating. They even made a bed out of chairs every night so that my father could get a little rest and still be next to her. I remember coming and going, doing errands for my father when I could, not getting any sleep for days on end, pulling back-to-back all-nighters, since day-to-day business doesn’t just stop. Ayano came, too. From early morning until late at night we stayed by her side, holding her hands, talking to her, giving comfort to both my parents. It was a tough time, not to mention all the legal matters that need to be done immediately after – those are mostly a haze. But I’m glad we could be there. Family does come first and I learnt a lot of things about my parents in just this few short weeks than I have over the past few years. I’m sure my father can say the same about me, too!

After the funeral, I stayed for a few more weeks helping out were I could. Easter came by and while there was one less person at the table, everyone was there in spirit. Plus, I tried to be the best son possible for my father (i.e., causing trouble where I could!).

Then things started to get better as the healing process was moving forward. The weather was getting better, the snow was melting, and the birds where coming out to sing, as spring made its debut. We all started feeling a little better by the end of the month and even took my father out for his birthday.